Two tokens.
A pools’ battle.
One winner.

Do you dare to play?


How it works?

Introducing our protocol with two key tokens: SEC and FOUR. These tokens serve as valuable liquidity mining incentives. But here's the catch: the liquidity incentivization is exclusively focused on the FOUR-SEC LP/BNB pair.

The setup

Our DAPP is designed to be user-friendly with a single-page interface and it offers four incredible staking pools for you to explore:

  • Stake FOUR earn SEC
  • Stake SEC earn FOUR
  • Stake SEC:FOUR/BNB earn SEC
  • Stake SEC:FOUR/BNB earn FOUR
During the launch phase, a portion of SEC and FOUR tokens will be converted into the SEC/FOUR LP. This newly created LP token will serve as the primary liquidity pool. Notably, the LP token will be paired with BNB, and our protocol will incentivize the liquidity of this paired token rather than focusing solely on the individual tokens. Get ready to maximize your rewards and liquidity with our innovative staking options!
Sec vs four

Project Phases

Phase 0

Pinksale Presale:

  • 10% of tokens allocated to Pinksale presale.
  • Soft-cap: 75 BNB
  • Hard-cap: 150 BNB
  • Min contribution: 0.35 BNB
  • Max contribution: 4 BNB
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Phase 1

TGE Launch & LP:

  • 48-hour duration.
  • Liquidity incentivized: SEC:FOUR/BNB LP.
Staking Pools:
  • Stake FOUR earns SEC.
  • Stake SEC earns FOUR.
  • Stake SEC:FOUR/BNB earns SEC.
  • Stake SEC:FOUR/BNB earns FOUR.
Phase 2

The Showdown:

  • Details will be revealed soon
Phase 3

The Reset:

  • Details will be revealed soon



78.6% of the tokens will be used for farming.

  • 31.1% single token staking
  • 46.5% liquidity staking

7% for marketing.
7% for team.
7% for presale.
0.4% for initial liquidity

Why should I buy it?

You like degen farming

Well, if you're someone who enjoys the thrill of degen farming and embraces their inner degenerate farmer, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for! While the crypto market is flooded with countless uninspiring meme coins, our protocol stands out with its unique craftsmanship of gamification, designed to provide a unique experience that surpasses the fleeting trends of the industry.

Moreover, we firmly believe in the power of memetics. Memes have become powerful symbols of our time, bringing communities together like never before. So, if you're ready for an exciting journey that blends the world of farming and memes, this is the place to.